Manufacturing at Rm Collets is a persistent and creative undertaking to achieve best-in-class performance, reliability and sustainability standards

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Product Quality

Virtually all manufacturing-based definitions identify quality as conformance to requirements. Once a design or a specification has been established, any deviation implies a reduction in quality. Excellence is equated with meeting specifications and making it right the first time.

On the design side, this has led to an emphasis on reliability engineering and on the manufacturing side, to an emphasis on statistical quality control. Both techniques are designed to weed out deviations early by analyzing a product’s basic components/processes, identifying possible failure modes, and then proposing alternative designs to enhance reliability leading to improved product lifecycle.

We are among the few companies which utilize latest software in the form of Computer Aided Design (CAD) , right from the product conceptualization stage. Our indigenous design concepts have been one of the primary reasons for our phenomenal success.